Plomb du Cantal

The Plomb du Cantal - 1858 m

The Plomb du Cantal is the highest summit in the Massif Cantalien, in the heart of Europe largest volcano.
Exceptional views of the summits of the Massif Central: Puy Griou, Puy Mary, Puy de Sancy...
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To the top : walking, mountain biking, paragliding.

With the cable car. Departure Station du Lioran. Open from May 1st to May 8th, from May 30th to June 2nd and from June 8th to September 8th (depending on the weather)
On walking :
- Take the GR4 (red and white marked) from the ski resort Le Lioran, 4 hour walk. Difference in altitude 605m.
- Take the GR4/400
from Prat de Bouc, 3hour walk. Difference in altitude 455m.


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The Puy Mary - 1783 m

Take the mountain pass road the Pas de Peyrol (1588m) to reach the Puy Mary which is in the heart of the preserved Monts du Cantal.

- From the mountain pass, the Pas de Peyrol : return walk takes approximately 1 hour, climbing 199m (possible to do as family)
- From Le Lioran, from Font de Cère along the GR 4/400, 6h walk (difference in altitude 540m); or leave from Font d'Alagnon taking the Rombière chair lift which is open in summer only (from July 13th to September 1st) 4h return walk.

The Puy Griou - 1690 m

Emblematic summit in the Cère valley. Its remarkable coneshaped peak is made of phonolite rock which produces a ringing sound when hit

Access :
- From Le Lioran, leave from Font de Cère : green walking trail, 8.5 km circuit 4h. Difference in altitude 390m.
- Or leave from Font d'Alagnon, taking the Rombière chair lift which is open in Summer only (from July 13rd to September 1st) 1h15 return walk.

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Leave from Le Lioran, Font d'Alagnon. Signposted track : yellow footpath - 8km - 3h30 by foot. Difference in altitude 510m.

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