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Vic sur Cère

Vic sur Cère is a medieval town, a former bailiwick, with numerous period houses, including those know as the "Reine Margot" and the "Princes de Monaco". 

Markets : tuesday and friday morning

Historical leaflet available on demand.

Castle of Pesteils (Polminhac).

Leisure :
- Casino (slot machines and Black Jack)

Around Vic sur Cère (Be careful! depends of the weather forecast):

  • Themed pathways of gorges du Pas de Cère and Waterfall de la Roucolle (Thiézac). Along two signposted paths you'll come across the thirty metre high walls cut by the Cère river thousands of years ago, and from an informative viewpoint, the waterfall de la Roucolle.
  • ŸChapel of Notre Dame de la Consolation (Thiézac). Mountain oratory from the fifteenth century. Around 15 min to access to these chapel.
    Keys are obtainable at the local shops or the post office in the morning.


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